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Image by Nikita Tikhomirov
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The Queens Castle Podcast

On this episode of the Queens Castle Podcast I talk with  Malachi on his experience being a entertainer, reflecting on music and his career highlights.


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There is no doubt that NC has some of the heaviest hitters in the music game out right now most of them are rappers…BUT Slim Kors is a Singer and Lyricist from Raleigh NC and he grew up with a church foundation so, music has always been in his family.

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Pierre Fleming, who was born and raised in Wilson NC is one of the hidden Legends. He is highly devoted to music, and he shares a passion for video production & photography.

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The idea and hope behind “Inspiration” is definitely needed during these difficult and trying times; so where would one look for that inspiration? (You may be wondering silently… )Well, I know a Man and his name is Roosevelt Conyers but his ring name is "Mr. Everything" Victor Andrews.

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