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Remedy Maiden

I’m Remedy Maiden. I’m an Organic R&B, Pop, Soul Fusion mixed with diverse experiences, studies and learning within music, modeling, journalism, entertainment and business. I currently blog, write and promote for: TheVibe97.9 Platform. Also, I recently participated in a singing performance at Nuvo Bar and Lounge in Raleigh, NC and can be heard on features with well admired and respected R&B, Hip-Hop and Rap Artists.


The current singles I have out which can be found on all social media platforms is: You Were Mine, Chasing Ghosts & My Peace. In recent projects I collaborated on projects with Shawn Redrum and Louiee Cincere. I can also be seen as a model in music videos such as: “Touch Down” Artist Bash Waliss ft Money Mu, “What’s Good” Artist Shame Gang ft Kourvioisier, and in “Dolph” Artist Exhale Taop, just to name a few.  


You can also find me on the Youtube Channel Show with Eric Massenburg: the TAKE OVER and acting in short films, comedy & Skits such as: 20Banz directed by Shawn Starks of StarMan Filmz Global, Valet Ghosts to The Soap King with Team Collective (Rasheed Myers). So! Make sure to check me out on: Youtube: @Universalacceptance & @TheTakeOverYoutubeShow8117 & @remedymaiden1 @nctalentsvibe where I promote good quality Artists, Businesses, Models, and all Creative Talent passionate about helping others through sharing their creativity.   

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Let's Chat!

I love Adventure, so I'm always on the lookout for different ways to be creative as a Model & Artist etc. So, contact me if you want to collaborate. Stay safe. Chat soon. 

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